Your club says thank you!

With the exclusive AVIA club card, for each litre of fuel you put in your tank, the club of your choice will receive 2 centimes and you yourself will save 3 centimes.

A real win-win situation.

How it works

Each litre of fuel supports a club!

AVIA is the Swiss filling station near you. We feel a connection with the happenings and people around us – with you – and with Swiss clubs that we are supporting with the new AVIA club card.

Thanks to your exclusive AVIA club card, your favourite club will receive two centimes for each litre purchased – in addition, you yourself will save three centimes per litre. A clear win-win situation for you and your club. Get your exclusive AVIA club card for your favourite club. Or register your own club.

This is how simple it is

Register club

Get your club officially registered by a person responsible for it with an AVIA member company.

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Sign agreement.

The exact terms between your club and the chosen AVIA member company are regulated by an agreement signed by both parties.

Inform fans

Inform your fans, friends and supporters about this newly created and innovative win-win situation.

Order tank card

As many fans of your club as possible order their own tank cards online and with every litre that they put in their tank they are also filling the club’s coffers.

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Be there – benefit


Register your club

Entirely to the benefit of your club: have your club registered by a person responsible for it or register it yourself right away after consulting the responsible person.
This way you make it possible for members, fans and supporters to even be supporting your club while filling their tank.
Because with each litre, two centimes will be credited to your club, and at the end of the year these will all be added up and flow together into the club funds.

Fill – support – save

Do good while you’re filling the tank

Each time you fill up with it, two centimes per litre flow into the club funds and you yourself save three centimes per litre.

Completely without any catch

Your AVIA club card comes without any hidden charges. There are no deposit, annual or administration fees.
Furthermore, as a holder of an AVIA card for private use, you benefit from free roadside assistance (further information on roadside assistance).

Order AVIA club card

Choose the club you want to support right here or in the following overview and order your AVIA club card.



Here you will find all the clubs that have been benefitting from the AVIA club card so far.
Here, too, you can secure your club card directly.
Filter the list by topic – search by club name, postcode or town – click and order your club card.
Your club is not listed?
Inform the responsible persons of your club right now so that they can carry out the registration as soon as possible.


With the campaign «Your club says thank you» AVIA is supporting national, regional and local clubs all over Switzerland. For every litre you buy, two centimes flow into the club funds. And the whole thing is also worthwhile for the owner of a club card. They also save three centimes per litre every time they refuel their tanks.

It is easy for interested clubs to register free and quickly directly via this website. You will then receive the contract and information on how to proceed from the respective AVIA member company.

As soon as a club is registered and the contract between it and the respective AVIA member firm is signed, the club will be available for selection on this website. The AVIA club card can be ordered directly online by selecting the club with the appropriate AVIA member company.

If you do not find your club in the overview on this website, motivate the person in charge at the club to register the club via this website. As soon as the contract exists between the club and the chosen AVIA member firm, the club is available for selection and fans, supporters and members can order the exclusive AVIA club card via this website.

At the end of the year, the AVIA member firm produces a statement of the purchase of fuel using the respective AVIA club cards. The sponsoring amount is calculated based on the amount of fuel purchased for each club and/or via its AVIA club cards. Within 30 days after the statement has been produced, the sponsoring amount is transferred to an account to be designated by the club and which is in its name.

The respectively currently valid general terms and conditions of AVIA are applicable for the AVIA card for private individuals.

On the basis and during the validity of the existing sponsoring contract, the bearers of an AVIA club card receive a discount of 3 Rp./l on the purchase of petrol and diesel at Swiss AVIA filling stations. Furthermore, no administration fees whatsoever are charged.

As long as the signed and valid contract between the AVIA member firm and the club exists, the AVIA member firm is obligated to grant you the discount and to not make an administration charge.

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Where Switzerland fills up

Typically Swiss

AVIA – the Swiss filling station near you.

In 1927, independent Swiss importers of crude oil products joined together and founded the AVIA Association in Switzerland. In contrast to its competitors, AVIA is not a multinational concern but a typically Swiss establishment. AVIA’s ten member companies today supply and operate Switzerland’s biggest network of filling stations, with more than 500 filling stations and more than 100 shops under its brand insignia. In addition to the filling station business, the AVIA companies are also important suppliers of heating oil and market a comprehensive, high-quality range of lubricants.

AVIA partner companies carry out pioneering investment for the future in clean, CO2-neutral hydrogen mobility. At the same time, they offer the whole environmental cycle from production to fuelling.

In addition to the success story in Switzerland, around 90 medium-sized companies in 15 European countries – with more than 3,000 filling stations – now together form AVIA INTERNATIONAL.

Registering your club and ensuring support

Register your club here, so that its fans and supporters can order an AVIA club card and support your club.

In order to contribute to an efficient and smooth processing, please check briefly whether your association is not already registered.

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Details of club

Please state exact designation according to the club’s statutes.
Official e-mail address of the club or of the responsible person

Responsible person

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